Yoga can reduce inflammation for breast cancer patients

Posted on 28 March 2014


Yoga can re-energise women who have battled breast cancer within just three months, cutting down fatigue in cancer survivors by more than half.
Inflammation, which is linked to health problems from heart disease to frailty, and increases the odds of cancer coming back, was also eased.

The large, U.S. based study suggests that something as cheap and gentle as yoga could be of huge benefit to breast cancer patients.

Breast cancer is Britain’s most common cancer with almost 50,000 cases a year.

Survival rates are improving but the gruelling treatments can leave women feeling worn out for months – or even years – after they have stopped.

The Ohio State University researchers recruited 200 women who had survived cancer of varying degrees of severity.

Half were asked to attend 90-minute yoga classes twice a week and practise at home, if they could.

None had done any yoga before the start of the study.

Three months after the yoga classes had ended, fatigue was an average of 57 per cent lower in attendees, the Journal of Clinical Oncology reports.

The study also showed that the more yoga a woman did, the greater the boost in energy levels.

Blood tests showed a reduction in levels of compounds linked to the inflammation.

The Benefits of Yoga
  • Yoga re-energises women who have battled breast cancer, a study found.
  • Three months of practicing postures, breathing and medication cut fatigue in cancer sufferers by 57 per cent.
  • Inflammation, which increases the odds of cancer coming back, was also reduced.
  • The study also showed that the more yoga a woman did, the greater the increase in her energy levels.
  • Yoga sessions could give others – including the elderly – an energy boost.

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  1. Caleb says:

    Yoga definitely has many benefits for the body and mind. It is not just for women either. Men can participate in yoga as well while experiencing the same benefits it has for women.