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Pfizer’s Advanced Breast Cancer Drug Ibrance Approved for Sale

The U.S. federal health regulators have given accelerated approval for Pfizer Inc.’s Ibrance to treat advanced breast cancer.

11 Invaluable Lessons I Learned From Having Breast Cancer

American breast cancer survivor Peggy Nolan shares how breast cancer thought her the essentials of living life to the fullest.

New test could detect breast cancer signs in just three hours

A blood test that can detect early signs of breast cancer within three hours is to be launched in Britain next year, offering an alternative to X-ray mammograms.

Breast Cancer in Men: What Are the Risks?

Although the survival rates remain similar for men and women with the same stage of breast cancer, studies show that men often do not get diagnosed until later stages.

New procedure might help prevent lymphedema

Doctors are halfway through a small clinical trial testing the effectiveness and safety of a new technique that could spare patients the discomfort of lymphedema.

'Quicker' Herceptin treatment approved for breast cancer patients

People in Scotland with a particular kind of breast cancer are set to benefit from quicker drug treatment, having it as an injection rather than via a drip.