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Yoga can reduce inflammation for breast cancer patients

Yoga can re-energise women who have battled breast cancer within just three months, cutting down fatigue in cancer survivors by more than half.

Large amounts of folic acid could promote, worsen breast cancer

Folic acid supplements at levels consumed by breast cancer patients and survivors in North America promoted the growth of existing breast cancer in rats, new research found.

Palm oil effective against advanced breast cancer

Studies carried out over the past two decades in the US, Canada and Malaysia have shown that Vitamin E tocotrienols are “very effective” in putting cancer under control.

Cancer crusader completes solo Antarctic crossing on breast sled

Aussie Geoff Wilson applauded for his epic fundraising feat on a pink sled modelled on his wife’s breasts

More Diagnosed with Cancer in the UK, but More Survive the Disease

The number of people diagnosed with cancer in the UK each year has hit more than 330,000 for the first time, but research has led to more people surviving the disease.

'Quicker' Herceptin treatment approved for breast cancer patients

People in Scotland with a particular kind of breast cancer are set to benefit from quicker drug treatment, having it as an injection rather than via a drip.

Higher breast cancer rates among white women down to lifestyle, finds study

Greater risk mainly owing to choices such as alcohol consumption as well as lower breastfeeding and birth rates

A Diet for Breast Cancer Survivors

Being overweight can increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence so a proper diet that could lower the estrogen levels is important.

6 Ways to Prevent Cancer at Home

One can prevent one-third (1/3) of most common cancer by eating smart and moving more. Add these six steps to prevent and reduce your lifetime cancer risk.

Facts on Breast Cancer (US)

Take a look at the following infographic where 1 in every 3 cancer cases detected in the United States are of breast cancer.