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Exercise Hormone May Offer Breast-Cancer Protection

A hormone released from muscles after vigorous exercise could help to treat or prevent breast cancer, says a study in the February issue of the International Journal of Cancer

Exercise May Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women

Older women intent on keeping breast cancer at bay may want to start and maintain a regular exercise regimen, a new study shows.

Breast Cancer Survivors Should Not Be Afraid To Exercise, Experts Say

Exercise will not prevent, cause or worsen breast-cancer related lymphoedema, and it could also improve a patient’s quality of life, according to the UK’s NICE.

Breast cancer survivors ‘do not exercise enough’

Exercise can aid recovery after breast cancer but many women are not active enough, a study suggests.

Being slim not enough to ward off breast cancer, being fit does

A study has found that being unfit raises a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer, whether she is fat or thin.

Exercise cuts breast cancer risk for women by 12%, at least

Exercise reduces women's risk of breast cancer, no matter what kind of exercise they do, how old they are, how much they weigh, or when they get started.