Breast Self Examination (BSE) Video


The key to successful treatment of breast cancer lies in early detection. For that, every woman needs to conduct a monthly breast self-examination (BSE), since nine out of 10 breast lumps are found by the women themselves.

Eight out of every 10 breast lumps are not cancerous, but that does not lessen the need to do breast self-examinations monthly. The BSE will help to determine what is normal for your breasts, and help you recognize a change.


  1. Do your Breast Self-Exam every month, seven days after your last menstruation.
  2. Although BSE is highly recommended, it cannot accurately determine the presence of breast cancer on its own. Therefore, in addition to BSE, for women over 40, a clinical breast examination (CBE) and mammogram should also be done annually. For women under 40, a CBE is advised once every 3 years.
  3. Information provided here is not intended to replace the advise of a qualified physician.