Why Early Detection is the Best Form of Protection Against Breast Cancer

The effectiveness and urgency of early detection methods for women cannot be overstated nor ignored, as it is still the best defence against breast cancer.

Exercise May Cut Breast Cancer Risk in Older Women

Older women intent on keeping breast cancer at bay may want to start and maintain a regular exercise regimen, a new study shows.

Breast feeding and breast cancer awareness

The single greatest protective measure a woman can provide for herself is built into a process when she is providing the best possible nutrition for her baby.

Breast Cancer Survivors Should Not Be Afraid To Exercise, Experts Say

Exercise will not prevent, cause or worsen breast-cancer related lymphoedema, and it could also improve a patient’s quality of life, according to the UK’s NICE.

Malaysian curry leaves may protect against breast cancer

Malaysian curry leaf from Kelantan may protect against breast cancer due to its potent natural antioxidant properties and beneficial chemopreventive agents, according to a study.

Breast cancer survivors ‘do not exercise enough’

Exercise can aid recovery after breast cancer but many women are not active enough, a study suggests.

Angelina Jolie effect: Doctors concerned over unnecessary rise in double mastectomies

Recent statistics show that three-quarters of women who opt for double mastectomies are doing so unnecessarily as it could lead to psychosexual problems in many women.

17 Breast Cancer Causing Chemicals Identified

U.S. researchers have identified 17 everyday chemicals found to causing breast cancer, but avoiding them won’t be easy, requiring total lifestyle change for most.

Being slim not enough to ward off breast cancer, being fit does

A study has found that being unfit raises a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer, whether she is fat or thin.

A Diet for Breast Cancer Survivors

Being overweight can increase the risk of breast cancer recurrence so a proper diet that could lower the estrogen levels is important.