US Breast Cancer Deaths Fell Dramatically in the Past 20 Years

Breast cancer deaths in the U.S. have dropped dramatically in the past two decades — the result of better treatment, greater awareness and more women getting mammograms.

Exercise Hormone May Offer Breast-Cancer Protection

A hormone released from muscles after vigorous exercise could help to treat or prevent breast cancer, says a study in the February issue of the International Journal of Cancer

Affordable cancer treatment for the poor

There are numerous non-governmental organisations in the country, many of which are headquartered in the Klang Valley, dedicated to helping cancer patients from poor families.

High-dose birth control pills linked to higher breast cancer risk

Women who used certain types of birth control pills may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer within the following year, according to a new study.

‘Truly selfless’ dad who supported wife, two daughters with breast cancer gets a Father’s Day surprise

It’s difficult enough to provide emotional and physical support for a family member battling cancer, but for Richard Wells, that feat has been threefold.

Teenager’s book reveals hidden toll of discovering mum had breast cancer

When 12-year-old Emma Sutherland found out her mum had breast cancer, she faced every child’s biggest fear – that her mum was going to die.

Breast Cancer in Men: What Are the Risks?

Although the survival rates remain similar for men and women with the same stage of breast cancer, studies show that men often do not get diagnosed until later stages.

Facts on Breast Cancer (US)

Take a look at the following infographic where 1 in every 3 cancer cases detected in the United States are of breast cancer.